16 Best Paying Jobs for Teens

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Being a teenager is an incredible experience. There are many best paying jobs for teens. And teens have plenty of free time and energy to pursue their interests. However, because they lack proper income, their activities are limited. So, nowadays, most teenagers are attempting to find part-time work opportunities. However, teenagers have no idea what jobs are suitable for them or how much money they can earn by working part-time. As a result, the unemployment rate in the United States increased to 8.1 percent in June 2022, from 7.8 percent in February 2020. Not every job requires a degree or has an age limit for applicants. Teens only need physical strength and a solid mindset to get to work.

16 Best Paying Jobs for Teens
16 Best Paying Jobs for Teens

This article is for teenagers who are having difficulty finding jobs because they have no idea what jobs are suitable for them. This article discusses 16 high-paying jobs that teens can do while continuing their education.

1. Cashier

16 Best Paying Jobs for Teens

Average Salary: $ 12.59 per Hour

Age Restriction: Above 16 years old

Teens can work as a cashier in restaurants, stores, and other retail companies. Being a cashier is one of the simplest jobs for teens who are searching for jobs. Cashiers are responsible for gathering cash, processing credit and debit cards, wrapping gifts, responding to client questions, and counting the money in the cash drawer. Additionally, they are responsible for offering customer service, which includes greeting customers. Because of tips, you can earn some extra amounts of cash daily bias.

2. Tutor

16 Best Paying Jobs for Teens

Average Salary: $16.75 per Hour

Age Restriction: None

Any teen who is talented in any subject can become a tutor. Tutoring can be a summer job, but most teenagers can do it as a part-time job. You don’t have to work for a company to be a tutor. This can be considered as payback to yourself for your hard work. The only requirement for tutoring is knowledge of a specific subject. Teens can tutor many subjects if they are knowledgeable about them. There are lots of online websites where the teen can find a client to tutor.

3. Sales Associate

16 Best Paying Jobs for Teens
Sales Associate

Average Salary: $ 14.40 per Hour

Age Restriction: Above 16 years old

Sales Associate is another high-paying job for teenagers who like to communicate with various people. They mostly work in retail settings, assisting customers who may need to purchase items. Their responsibilities include greeting customers, maintaining the appearance of the floor, directing customers to goods, highlighting promotions, and operating cash registers.

4. Server

16 Best Paying Jobs for Teens

Average Salary: $ 15.58 per Hour

Age Restriction: Above 16 years old

Server, also known as waiter or waitress is one more common and well-paying job for teenagers. Servers work in places like bars, and fast-food shops. They are mainly taking orders, answering the menu and food-related questions, selling the restaurant’s foods and beverages, communicating orders with the kitchen staff, seating customers, and assisting with customer service. They also clean the tables and front areas of bars or restaurants before closing.

5. Caddie


Average Salary: $15.34 per Hour

Age Restriction: Above 15 years old

Caddie is ideal for teenagers who enjoy golf or other outdoor activities because it requires more activation. Caddies are responsible for two major tasks. They are in charge of transporting the golf equipment and cleaning it after each use. To be a good caddy, you must have a solid understanding of golf because you will be expected to provide

  • Determine the distance between the markers and the holes.
  • Always know where the ball is, even after it’s been hit.
  • Understand golf terminology and jargon
  • Give advice on which golf clubs to use based on the terrain
  • Good understanding of the game’s rules.
  • Know the topography of the golf course.

6. Lifeguard


Average Salary: $13.94 per Hour

Age Restriction: Above 16 years old

Lifeguards are excellent swimmers who understand how to save people when they are in danger. Lifeguards work to ensure the safety of water sports participants and swimmers at beaches, rivers, swimming pools, and water. They rescue people in danger, explain and enforce safety rules, monitor the pool areas for signs of danger, and perform first aid when required.

7. Housekeeping


Average Salary: $ 19.59 per Hour

Age Restriction: Above 16 years old

Housekeeping is an excellent way to earn money as a teenager because it does not require any qualifications. They must do the tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, emptying trash cans, cleaning windows, and dusting shelves. Some housekeepers do light ironing and laundry as well as dishwashing.

As a hotel housekeeper, you will be expected to do the following

  • Replace bedding
  • Clean rooms, halls, and bathrooms
  • Replace toiletries and towels

8. Pet sitter

Pet sitter

Average Salary: $ 16.02 per Hour

Age Restriction: None

Pet sitter is an excellent job for animal lovers. They can earn money by petting someone’s pet. Pet sitters look after pets daily while their owners are away. Their responsibilities include feeding and watering pets, exercising pets as needed, and cleaning their litter boxes, cages, and aquariums. They must also provide regular updates to pet owners.

9. Babysitter

16 Best Paying Jobs for Teens

Average Salary: $18.81 per Hour

Age Restriction: above 11 years old

Do you love babies? Then this job is especially for you.

Baby sitters are responsible for the children in their care. Their responsibilities include playing with children and making them do fun activities, keeping children’s living area and playing area clean, helps with homework. When their parents are unable to supervise their children babysitters step in.

10. Retail merchandiser

Retail merchandiser

Average Salary: $15.54 per Hour

Age Restriction: Above 18 years old

Retail merchandiser is a high-paying job for teenagers who are good communicators. Their responsibilities include performing stockouts, shelf organization, display setup, and price and promotional sign placement. They are also in charge of removing damaged or expired products. They must also respond to special requests, answer questions and describe product features.

11. Web designer

Web designer

Average Salary: $11.39 per Hour

Age Restriction: None

Teenagers can prove their abilities as web designers. The technology sector has many best paying jobs for teens. There are various online resources available for teenagers to learn about web designing. A website or web page’s creation, design, and layout are the responsibility of a web designer. They design and develop websites and web pages that include images, graphics, and video clips.

 If you are talented enough, you can launch your freelance career by finding clients on websites such as Fiverr and freelancer. Starting as a teenager may be difficult because finding a client is difficult. However, as you gain experience you will see your success.

12. Video editor

Video editor

Average Salary: $22.34 per Hour

Age Restriction: None

Another excellent job for a teenager is video editing. Other than video editing skills, no qualifications are required. Teenagers can learn about video editing by watching online tutorials on YouTube, Udemy, and Coursera. This does not necessarily require any working space. Teenagers can work whenever and wherever they want. This is also a freelancer job and they must find their clients.

13. Graphic designer

Graphic designer

Average Salary: $21.83 per Hour

Age Restriction: None

Another freelancer job that teenagers can do is to make money in graphic design. Nowadays, most businesses hire talented teenagers to do their graphic design work. Posters and flyers can be created by graphic designers. Graphic designers with talent can create things like gaming characters. Furthermore, this job only required a creative mind to design new things. Even teenagers who are unfamiliar with graphics can learn about them using online resources. They can use software like Adobe Photoshop, or Canva.

14. Writer


Average Salary: $25.05 per Hour

Age Restriction: None

Being a writer is an excellent freelancer job for teenagers who enjoy putting their feeling into words. They can write for a variety of purposes, including articles, blogs, stories, and assignments. To write they must be fluent in the language and creative. Many bloggers and university students hire writers to help them with their blogs and reports. Because this is not a full-time job, teenagers can do it while studying. This also helps them improve their knowledge of specific subjects. They can also find clients on websites such as Fiverr and Freelancer. Even though this is difficult work because the writer has to research the topic, it has numerous advantages.

15. Receptionist


Average Salary: $15.50 per Hour

Age Restriction: Above 18 years old

For teenagers, working as a receptionist is a well-paying job. It is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a receptionist. Teenagers must have excellent communication and writing skills to be successful in this career. Teenagers have to work hard, but they can meet new people and make new contacts, which can be extremely beneficial to their future. Their primary responsibility is to greet clients and visitors with a smile. Other responsibilities include:

  • Assisting clients in finding their way around the office.
  • Professionally answering calls and routing them as needed.
  • Assisting to maintain workplace security issues.
  • Arranging meetings and training rooms.
  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Sorting and distributing mails.

16. Barista

Best Paying Jobs for Teens

Average Salary: $13.94 per Hour

Age Restriction: Above 16 years old

Barista is for teenagers who enjoy making coffee. It is an excellent job for teenagers who enjoy making coffee and other beverages. They also make snacks such as sandwiches, and muffins. They also can master the making of latte art. The barista must also have strong communication skills to attract customers to their establishment. This is really enjoyable work for teenagers who are looking for a higher-paying job.

I think you got and clear understanding of the best paying jobs for teens. Thank you keep reading with us.

Note: Average salary value can change with your experiences and talent. Also, the age limit can be limited according to your state’s law

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